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Dairy Automation, Food Automation & Beverage Automation

Automating your processes from Farm to Packaged Goods

The food and beverage Industry highly demands compliance to food safety regulations and standards across all its processes. This is a major necessity of the industry today and process consultants are required to address this vital need of their clients keeping cost competitiveness intact. Our portfolio for the Food and Beverage industry automation spans across all the processes right from the Farm to Packaged goods. With our Platform Independent Automation solutions across all layers of Automation, we can help you automate every bit of the food and beverage processes across the globe.

Industry Expertise
Dairy Plants Automation including milk processing, cheese, butter, yogurt processing, concentrated dairy products automation
Ice cream /chocolate processing
Beverage Plants –Automation – Juices, Energy drinks, Cola, Soft drinks manufacturing
Brewery Plants Automation including milling, Mashing process to Filtration Automation of Line/Vessel CIP

Process Expertise
Homogenization process including critical controls of temperature & pressure
Pasteurization process including critical temperature, hold time, pressure differential controls
Ultra High Temperature Process Membrane Filtration process including reverse osmosis, nano Filtration, Ultra Filtration, controlling critical Tran membrane filtration
Cleaning In Process –Centralized/De-centralized cleaning, Critical Time, Temperature, pressure, concentration controls
Industry Standard Compliance
21 CFR part 11 of FDA
S88 standards
GAMP practices
Food & Beverage Standard library creation Library Created of components used across entire Food & Beverage processes thus enabling reduction in cost, development and validation time and easy accessibility by people across all the processes.
Technical brilliance to handle Process complexities.
Worked on processes having multiple tanks, filling units, routes, lines.
Over 10 tanks in Milk Ice, Water Ice sections
Over 12 mixing filling units
4 tanks in CIP sections having 9 routes
Multiple membrane loops for milk processing
Multiple pasteurization sections
Over 10 tanks in Juice mixing section
Commissioned chocolate plant in 4 days after its shutdown
Automation of entire Ice-cream plant

We have extensive expertise in offering control solutions across all the critical processes including Homogenization, Pasteurization, CIP, UHT, Membrane Filtration and have rich experience in handling process complexities of multiple tanks, filling units, routes, lines while adhering to all safety regulations and standards. Our skills span across Dairy automation, Beverage automation and Brewery plants automation and we have automated entire plants for many of our clients.

With our multi platform expertise across Siemens, Rockwell, GE Intelligent Platforms, Wonderware, Allen Bradley, Schneider, ABB, Emerson we are able to address all your automation needs across entire food and beverage processes.

Project Reference: Automating the Pasteurization Process of leading Dairy manufacturer in UK


Project Overview

Pasteurization and transfer to fillers.
Cream Separation
Transfer of Interfaces
Raw Milk Dispatch
Reverse Osmosis
Documentation for all the Project


PLC – AB Control Logix Logic Development
SCADA – Wonderware 9.5 Graphics Development
HMI – AB Panel View Plus Program Development
Simulation, FAT & Commissioning
Version Control / Change Control Management
Periodic review & Backups and Recovery of Software/database



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